Nearby Beaches


This beach is a bit far from our tents… but about 8 times a year they have what is known as an Arribada. Thousands of turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach at the same time, and stay a few days in the area.


This particular beach combines great waves, which are especially attractive for surfers, with the sound of howler monkeys or Congos that live in the area. It has light gray sand, almost no rocks, and is very special for walking.


It is a rather secluded beach located in Las Catalinas, which is a small village that mimics European coastal towns and is worth a visit in itself. Danta is tiny, with a very calm sea, and is perfect for just relaxing under a tree.


Flamingo is a beautiful white sand beach, which has many hotels and condominiums in its surroundings. It is quite long, and one of the favorites of Ticos. Sometimes the sea gets a little heavy, but when it is calm it is perfect to enjoy and even snorkel.


Tamarindo is perhaps the most visited beach in Costa Rica, and is the most tourist developed beach in Guanacaste. The beach is wonderful, the sunsets are breathtaking, and the best super market in the area (Automercado) is located there.


Playa Grande is located inside Las Baulas National Marine Park. It is favorite beach for leatherback turtles to lay their eggs, so for several years the area has been protected.

Conchal & Brasilito

These are closest beaches to our project, and we find them to be the most incredible beaches in Guanacaste. You can leave your car around the Brasilito plaza, and visit both beaches from there.


This is a 2 kilometers long beach, located on the Gold Coast of Guanacaste and is one of the most wonderful surfing paradises. Ticos and foreigners come from all over to try to ride its waves up to 5 meters high.


For many years Potrero was the beach where my family stayed. It is beautiful and very calm, with very calm waters and surrounded by mountains.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach, is a small white sand beach located in an area that is in a little visited area of Guanacaste. Its waters are almost always calm, which makes it a special beach for swimming or snorkeling.

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