who we are

GuanaGlamp is a microenterprise that was born from the dream of its owner to return to the province of Guanacaste, where she spent most of her childhood.


Her idea to achieve this was to build a space that resembled that calm, quiet place, full of nature and cattle farms like her father's, and she has dedicated the last 10 years to love the land where the glamping is now located.


We are located in the canton of Santa Cruz, cradle of national folklore, on the hills of the Huacas area. All the best beaches of Costa Rica are very close to our hotel.

Our glamping is also an ideal place to explore the national parks of the region, including Rincon de la Vieja, Miravalles Volcano, Guanacaste Conservation Area, Palo Verde, Barra Honda, Las Baulas National Marine Park and several other sites of interest. You can also book, through a local tour operator, various activities and excursions, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, horseback riding, hiking, hot springs, cave exploration, canopy, tarzan swing and many other ecotourism and adventure options. Just tell us what you like the most, and we will help you schedule your days so that nothing is left undone.

Our commitment is to offer our visitors the most authentic Guanacaste glamping experience, while maintaining ecological sustainability and a fair and happy working environment for our people. We feel an integral part of the community around us, and we try to generate job opportunities for our neighbors. We love what we do, and in our few years of service, that is what our visitors appreciate the most.

Meet Gaby (Owner and founder)


I spent most of my school vacations at my dad's farm in Guanacaste, and although I lived most of my life in San Jose, my heart stayed in this incredible province, the most beautiful in my country. For many years I dreamed of coming to live here, and I spent a lot of time looking for the land that would make me feel happy. I found it in 2007, and although the first time I walked it I had no way of knowing if it was flat, or a hollow, or a mountain (the grass was higher than me!), something made me feel that I had arrived home.

Since then much of my energy has been invested in making our farm what it is today. We cleaned it up, healed our trees, planted live fences, built the road, and put in utilities like electricity and water, and most recently a solid wireless internet signal. I am ready to live permanently on the land I have always loved, and the best way to honor that land is to share it with people from all over, who will appreciate the Guanacaste vibe and all it has to offer to their body and soul.

My energy and life savings are here at GuanaGlamp, and we have invested a great deal of love and hard work building a place that offers you and your family great times, joy, laughter, peace, simplicity and comfort.  Our promise is that we will share with you who we are and what we love, and we hope this will help you love and enjoy Guanacaste the same way we do!

Meet Josue (Administrator)


Josué and Gaby have known each other since he was a little boy, and have been in each other's lives for over 25 years.  Josué has no formal education in management, but he has an incredible intuition and calling for what it means to provide excellent customer service, which has made him our ideal manager.    Since 2019 he turned our dream into his dream, and has helped build virtually everything you can see on the farm.

He lives there with his two children, Gabriela (12) and Adrian (10). His life is not easy as a single father, but he is always smiling and thinking of new projects for the farm. You will see him going from one place to another, always looking for things to do to make the farm look nicer. Josue is a young man who you can be sure will do everything he can to help make your stay with us special and memorable.

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