Recreational Areas



We have a large rancho with two bathrooms, a large, well-equipped kitchen and living areas. We offer a large refrigerator and freezer that our clients can share in case their things don't fit in your tent's fridge. The living area has terrace-style sofas, several tables of various shapes and sizes, hanging chairs, and a bar-type area with Internet TV.


We have a barbeque area, a telescope to see the stars or the boats in the sea of Playa Grande, and equipment to make a movie night with video beam and giant screen. We really strive to make sure that our visitors enjoy their stay to the fullest.



Right in front of the main ranch we have two pools, one large and one for kids, which are really Aussie tanks. We love the different vibe they instill.


Since the ranch is high up on the hill, the pools are at treetop level, making them the perfect place to watch spectacular sunsets almost every day of the year.




We have a small ranch with a traditional barbeque. We provide the dry wood, and you bring your own charcoal, is that ok? There is a very comfortable table for 6 at the front, so that the barbecue is always in good company.



Located in the highest part of the farm, this platform was built over our water tank to hold classes or workshops of any kind. It has floor chairs for 20 people, and is totally secluded in the forest with a spectacular view and refreshing breeze all year round.





Cozy spaces have been created around property with benches facing the sunset or the forest behind it, to read or simply relax.



Although the entire farm is like a playground for children to explore, we have prepared an area where they can burn off a lot of energy. Parents can sit in the shade and watch the kids go exploring and having fun in our specially designed play area, which includes several activities made with materials found on the farm, and even a small canopy for them to jump off.


We recently moved our famous Tallercito to this area. We believe that making the most of a trip is not just about relaxing and doing nothing, but also about spending time doing special things. At the Tallercito we provide you with all kinds of materials and things to entertain you and your children in unusual activities that both of you can enjoy.


You can plant your own tree anywhere on the farm, paint a sign with your name and date to put next to it, or paint a sign with a message you would like to leave hanging from a tree for other guests to see. Paint rocks, build a bamboo or wooden bamboo or wood structure, or just spend some time painting the landscape or your loved one. We have a feeling you'll love spending time here...we really enjoy it!

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