Bell Tents

We have three bell tents, which we imported from England. Two of them are located in a more private area of the farm, on the side of the hill, and third one is near the main ranch and the swimming pool. They are super spacious, measuring 40 square meters plus the terrace area and bathroom. The bathrooms are open to the sky in the shower area, and we guarantee that bathing in the rain, under the stars or under the curious gaze of the monkeys is an experience you will not forget. They have storage space for clothes, a large safe, fans and lamps.


The terraces are spacious, and have a table for 4, a bench to read or just enjoy the scenery, and a sink. All have a very well equipped kitchenette with microwave, stove, coffee maker, small refrigerator and everything you need to serve. The common area rancho has a much larger kitchen for those who enjoy serious cooking, as well as a very spacious refrigerator and freezer.

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