Conchal & Brasilito

Conchal and Brasilito are the closest beaches to our project, and we think they are the most incredible beaches in Guanacaste.  You can no longer bring your car in the beach, but you can leave it around the central park of Brasilito and visit both beaches from there.  Around this plaza there are small sodas and restaurants, as well as some convenience stores where you can get all you need for your beach day.  We recommend you cross Brasilito and head to Conchal, because it has a lot more shades and trees.  Just at the beginning of Conchal there is a small coral reef, so it is a good idea to carry your snorkeling gear.  In Conchal there is a W hotel, that allows visitors to spend the day for $120, $100 of which are consumable, and when they have availability it is a wonderful experience.

Conchal Beach shellfish

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