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The Legend of Nosara and Curime

In the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, the story of Princess Nosara and the warrior Curime is told. Nosara, the daughter of the chief and renowned for her wisdom, fell in love with Curime, a brave warrior from a neighboring tribe. Despite the conflicts between their peoples, their love brought peace and unity. This legend symbolizes the connection with nature and the importance of harmony and unity in Costa Rican culture. The story of Nosara and Curime continues to inspire visitors to the region, seeking an authentic experience in Costa Rica.

Welcome to Nosara

Discover Nosara, our exclusive luxury glamping site in Costa Rica, named in honor of the legendary Princess Nosara. Located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Guanacaste, this tent site offers a perfect blend of modern comfort and connection with nature.

Luxury Amenities Amidst Nature

Nosara is designed to offer a unique glamping experience in Costa Rica, providing all the amenities you need for an unforgettable stay. This tentsite features a spacious king bed, ideal for ensuring a restful sleep after a day full of adventures.

Fully Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen at Nosara is equipped with everything needed to prepare delicious meals in the midst of nature. From modern appliances to cooking utensils, you will find everything required to enjoy an exceptional culinary experience during your stay.

Outdoor Bathroom

One of the most charming features of Nosara is its outdoor bathroom. Imagine showering under the starry sky or enjoying a refreshing morning shower surrounded by the sounds of nature. This unique bathroom allows you to connect with your surroundings in an unforgettable way.

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