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History of Matambú, Guanacaste

Matambú, located in the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, is recognized for being the last Chorotega indigenous reserve in the region. This indigenous community has preserved its ancestral culture over the centuries, keeping unique traditions and crafts alive. Matambú is a living testament to the resilience and cultural identity of the Chorotegas, who have faced historical challenges and persevered to preserve their heritage. Today, Matambú offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the indigenous history and culture of Costa Rica, promoting respect and appreciation for its cultural legacy.

Welcome to Matambú

Discover Matambú, our exclusive tent in honor of the indigenous reserve of Guanacaste. Located in a stunning natural setting, Matambú offers a unique experience that combines modern comfort with respect for the rich cultural history of the region.

Glamping Amenities in Nature

Matambú features six single beds, perfect for large groups or families seeking a unique lodging experience in Costa Rica. Additionally, the tent is equipped with a full kitchen, ideal for preparing delicious meals, an outdoor bathroom for an authentic connection with nature, and a terrace where you can enjoy breathtaking views.

Amenities and Security

To ensure a comfortable and safe stay, Matambú also offers a refrigerator and a fully equipped kitchen, as well as a safe to securely store your valuables.

Cultural and Natural Connection

Named in honor of the last indigenous reserve of Guanacaste, Matambú allows you to explore the rich history and culture of the region while enjoying all modern comforts. This glamping experience invites you to connect with nature and live an authentic adventure in the heart of Costa Rica.

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